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Syria Communications


All communications facilities are owned and operated by the government, including postal service, telegraph, telephone, radio and television. There were 1.3 million main telephone lines in use in 1997. Cellular service was introduced in the country in 2000, but the cost has limited the number of subscribers to about two of every 1,000 people.

The Syrian Broadcasting Service transmits on medium wave and shortwave, and broadcasts in Arabic and 10 foreign languages. Syrian Arab TV has two stations. Altogether, there were 9 AM and 1 FM radio station in 1999, and 54 television stations. In 2000, Syria had 276 radios and 67 television sets in per 1,000 population.

In 2001, there were 32,000 internet subscribers served by one government-controlled and limited service provider. The availability of ADSL lines, controlled by Syrian Telecom, have been reserved for government, public and private companies.


Telephones - main lines in use
3.243 million (2006)

Telephones - mobile cellular
6.7 million (2007)

Telephone system
general assessment: fair system currently undergoing significant improvement and digital upgrades, including fiber-optic technology
domestic: the number of fixed-line connections has increased markedly since 2000; mobile-cellular service growing rapidly and teledensity has reached 25 wireless telephones per 100 persons; coaxial cable and microwave radio relay network
international: country code - 963; submarine cable connection to Cyprus; satellite earth stations - 1 Intelsat (Indian Ocean) and 1 Intersputnik (Atlantic Ocean region); coaxial cable and microwave radio relay to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey; participant in Medarabtel

Radio broadcast stations
AM 14, FM 2, shortwave 1 (1998)

Television broadcast stations
44 (plus 17 repeaters) (1995)

Internet country code

Internet hosts
119 (2007)

Internet users
1.5 million (2006)





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